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Micoperi Work Class Rov Quasar is the medium size vehicle in SMD’s Q-series work class ROV range. Utilising the latest multi-platform Curvetech components, the vehicle offers class-leading in-current
performance, tooling and instrument space and access for maintenance. Quasar in an excellent all round performer capable of survey, construction and drill support operations.

Main data:

  • Depth rating: up to 4,000 msw
  • Dimensions: length 3,200 mm – width 1,800 mm – height 1,800 mm
  • Payload (base system): 250 kg
  • Bollard pull: forward/aft 750kg – vertical 550 kg

Equipped with:

  • Hydraulic channel 12ch iHCU (15 LPM), 1ch (high flow); optional torque tool controller
  • Gyro compass and optional NS FOG gyro
  • 7F position feedback manipulator (T4 compatible)


Besides the availability of WROV Quasar, Micoperi has a large fleet of light work and observation ROV like SEAEYE COUGAR-XT   SEAEYE FALCON.