Micoperi have significant know-how and expertise in the decommissioning of oil and gas facilities, being the only contractor to have performed decommissioning and disposal of offshore platforms in the Mediterranean Sea, about 35 offshore platforms were dismantled in the 90s,not to mention the recent Costa Concordia ship wreck removal, which represents the biggest salvage and removal operation of the maritime history, the subsequent Giglio Island site remediation, and other projects in the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. 

Micoperi have the capacity to undertake offshore platform and subsea structures abandonments, including single lift solutions. This total service includes preparation, separation, removal, transportation and recycling/disposal ashore. Rigorous safety and environmental standards are applied in compliance with our integrated QHSE system and with international, regional and national regulatory requirements. Emphasis is made on hazard identification and detailed risk assessment as the decommissioning of facilities is a major challenge in the O&G Industry,

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