Multi-reel hub spooler & tensioner

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The 500t Powered Reel Spooler is a tower driven system suitable with Tecnip, Oceaneering, NKT, Wellstream, Duco & Aquatic type reels. With ancillary equipment the system is also capable of driving Tenaris coflexip reels. The unit is fitted with horizontal hydraulic cylinders to engage the drive hubs into the reel and vertical hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the drive hubs of reels at full load capacity.
The tower base frames are bolted together. Spacers beams are available to suit different widths of reel. The Powered Reel Spooler is road transportable or shipped by dismantling into his main components. The system is remotely operated in full automatic or in manual mode, and works automatically together a 15t tensioner.

Main characteristics:

  • Overall (min) dimensions: height 8m; width 4,5m; depth 3,5m
  • Weight: 40t (config.11,4m reel)
  • Maximum reel weight: 500t
  • Max outer diameter range: 6-11,4m
  • Max reel width: 5,8m
  • Umbilical max lay tension: 10t
  • Max linear lay speed: 1490 m/h (9,2m reel)
  • Reel engagement travel: 0,7m
  • Hub vertical travel: 0,9m


The tensioner is a vertical track system for laying/recovery of flexibles, umbilicals and steel pipes in the sea. The unit is powered by an electric power-pack and operated from a remote cabin control where a control console displays tension and laying distance. The tensioner works automatically together the 500t Powered Reel Hub Spooler. The tensioner can operate with a max tension load of 13t (laying) or 5t (recovery) with a peak tension pull of 15t

Main characteristics:

  • Overall dimensions: height 3.29m; width 2.42m; depth 7.74m
  • Weight: 17.70t
  • Operational range: 20 – 300mm
  • Max nominal tension pull: 13t
  • Max nominal tension push mode: 5t
  • Peak tension (pull mode): 15t