Seminole is one of the most versatile shallow water Self propelled Lifting&Laying combination vessels ever built.

    The Vessel was originally built in 1975, but after MICOPERI took over a major rebuilding program was carried out and successfully completed in 2011.

    Her recent re-building was mainly aimed on maintaining the shallow water versatility with the addition of the latest industry technologies and to make the vessel compliant with the latest requirements of Class, Safety, and Comfort.

    Seminole is now complying with all the latest and most stringent requirements of IMO as if the vessel was newly built in 2011 including full compliance to the SPS (Special Purpose Ship) Safety requirements.

    Main dimensions:

    • Length overall 135.61 m
    • Breadth 30.50 m
    • Max draft 6.00/4.53 m (operational/sailing)

    Equipped with:

    • central firing line with 2 x 100 ton tensioners and 200 ton A+R winch, capable of laying pipes 4” to 60” OD with double piggy-back lines
    • Clyde S52E revolving crane having a max load capacity of 703 t @ 21.34 m; two revolving Liebherr PBW 10/12 deck cranes with max load capacity of 10 t @ 12 m
    • Accommodation for 250 persons