The international dimension achieved by Micoperi does not lessen the devotion of the company to its own surroundings. For some years now, Micoperi is concretely committed to improve the social reality of its territory on both the educational and the cultural standpoints. The company Managing Director Mr. Silvio Bartolotti actively supports the development of the private school San Vincenzo de’ Paoli, by financing an educational path which, from the nursery school to the lower secondary school, aims at training – through advanced teaching methodologies and tools – experienced and motivated students. With such a solid background of knowledge, they are well-equipped to confidently enter the world of work not only in their own territory, whose economy is strongly based upon the tourism and port activities, but especially abroad. Besides the amazing recovery of the Costa Concordia shipwreck and the subsequent seabed remediation (today ongoing), Micoperi has not left the Giglio Island people behind, nor the critical issues that they had to face after an event of such an overwhelming extent. The company has supported some public works for the renovation of churches and squares, and has financed a plan to improve the tourism and to promote the sustainable development of the Island. In the location of its logistic base, Ortona (Chieti), Micoperi has requalified the dockland by taking over a 15 hectare area formerly owned by ENI, equipped with some 15.000 sqm wharehouses which today hosts an additional operational base for the coordination of the company’s activities. During the same period, the incorporation of its subsidiary Micoperi Energia Srl allowed the company to realize a research center entirely dedicated to the wind power, aimed at applying it in the offshore field and related maritime services, a sector still unexplored in our own Country but which could be the starting point for future evolutions, considering the current turmoil in the power industry. Always extremely concerned about the education and the training of tomorrow workforce, Micoperi has supported as well the refurbishment of the local Nautical Institute. In its own surroundings, Micoperi takes part and promotes some cultural events. The very latest occurred in June 2016, with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Italian Republic along with the commemoration of the aviation hero Francesco Baracca. By its active participation in the organization of the Italian aerobatic team “Frecce Tricolori” air show and in the musical event attended by Mogol (one of the most famous Italian songwriters), Micoperi has taken the occasion to proudly celebrate also 70 years of activities in the Oil & Gas Industry.