• symbol

    The symbol is fundamental to the recognition of a company’s identity. For this reason the symbol chosen by Micoperi is a logo which conveys the true essence of the company in its fields, offshore activities and maritime works.
    The quality and dimensions of these fields of operations derive from a close combination of highly sophisticated technology and capabilities proven worldwide.
    The symbol is based on the square: the geometrical figure that best evokes wisdom, safety and solidity.

    In this figure, subdivided into four smaller squares, the letter “M” appears on the two upper squares and is reflected in the lower two, similar to a construction reflected in the sea, passing from negative to positive, from design to building. Yet it underlines the continuous close interchange and reflection between ideas and experience, the true heritage of Micoperi.
    The arrowhead oriented in different directions makes up and enlivens the whole symbol, underlining the multifaceted and dynamic nature of the company.