• History

    The path of what is today considered as one of the most experienced and qualified companies in the Oil & Gas Industry is the combination of particular historical events and amazing human skills and determination, which are peculiar properties of an ever-growing success.

    Micoperi was incorporated after the Second World War to free the main shipping routes from shipwrecks: the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea witnessed the rise of a salvage company which shortly afterwards widened its capability and expertise to develop, during the 60s, into one of the main contractor for the construction and installation of platforms and the laying of pipelines.

    Indian Ocean, Caribbean, North Sea, West Africa, India, Malaysia and South America: during the Seventies and Eighties Micoperi has conquered ever broader market sectors while specializing in increasingly diverse activities.

    In the following periods Micoperi further increased its expertise to become a leader in designing cutting-edge technologies for the offshore industry through a strong R&D division. The company has gained international reputation thanks to its innovative approach and groundbreaking solutions, keeping up with the innovation of the oil sector.

    Micoperi introduced many subsea improvements including step changes in saturation diving, heavy lift and offshore installation approach, and designed and built a number of lift and pipelay vessels which still today are at the forefront of present technology. These vessels, although no longer under Micoperi ownership, include the Pearl Marine and the (Saipem) 7000.

    Through a downturn in market conditions in the late 80s, Micoperi entered into a period of rationalization and was forced to sell a large number of its formidable fleet.

    In 1996 the company along with its highly experienced personnel, remaining construction vessels and extensive offshore equipment was purchased by the Protan Group in Ravenna, already operating in the Italian offshore oil sector as a reputable contractor of ENI/AGIP Group since 1962. After a short period of consolidation best online casino in canada, Micoperi was restructured and its capabilities expanded, and today it actively operates worldwide thanks to its sound professional standing resulting from the extraordinary ability to match technological innovation, versatility of its fleet, great attention to the environment, safety and quality, in addition to the flexibility and expertise of its qualified personnel.