The Milan head office of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza was proud to host the presentation to the professional investors of the bond for a minimum nominal amount of 20 million euro, 5.75% fixed interest rate, 5-year minimum term.

    The 5-year term is expiring in 2020. The capital shall be reimbursed in a single payment at its expiration and the accrued interests shall be distributed quarterly. The top management attended the event (please consult https://youtu.be/qt2ax61ENeg).
    Banca Popolare di Vicenza shall be the arranger and lead manager ; the solicitors’ office Orrick, Herringrton & Sutcliffe shall be the legal advisor  to  organize and place the bond. Recently Micoperi was rated A2.2 by Cerved, so they are placed at the top the investment scale. Micoperi, well known all over the world also for the successful Costa Concordia wreck removal project after the grounding at Giglio Island, estimates to close 2014 with a 344 million euro company turnover and a gross operating margin equal to 54 million euro (IAS adjusted).
    The business plan for the next four-year period considers the consolidation of the results achieved so far besides a further expansion of the activities outside the Mediterranean basin. In 2018, the target is to exceed a 400 million euro annual turnover and to expand the fringe business. Micoperi shall apply for admission in the bond market in the ExtraMot Pro segment at the Italian stock exchange.

    For information on the issue that will discontinue on 23 April, if not earlier, without notice, the professional investors can contact:

    Sales Desk: 02 62481010
    Mail: CollocamentoMB@popvi.it