MICOPERI is attending the 12th edition of the OMC, Offshore Mediterranean Conference in Ravenna, at Pala De’ Andrè from 23 until 27 March 2015. The thread running throughout the conference is absolutely a living matter: “Focus on change: planning the next twenty years. Diversifying choices, increasing opportunities”. 
    The energy market courses alternate at high frequencies under the influence of several specific  variables. 
    We shall outride any short sighted view and switch to long-planning perspectives which embrace new 
    choices and evaluations of alternative development opportunities.
    MICOPERI and its M.D. Silvio Bartolotti were among the founding members of the conference in 1993. Ever since, MICOPERI has taken part to each edition, each distinguished by the comfortable design of its stands where they welcomed Authorities, Clients and Visitors. MICOPERI is proud to affirm that this edition is particularly attractive as 620 exhibitors from 35 countries are present and 284 abstracts are going to be illustrated.