• Decommissioning Technological Frontier Experiences

    Micoperi attended the Panel Discussion “Decommissioning Technological Frontier Experiences” of the XIII Edition of OMC exhibition held in Ravenna on 29-31 March 2017, where a significant contribution was given as leading contractor with remarkable experience and expertise of offshore decommissioning through its presentation, with a particular focus on the Paguro and Giglio Island cases.


    Micoperi is an EPIC contractor that has been working in the Oil and Gas offshore industry for more than 70 years. Its versatile fleet and highly experienced and motivated team allows to carry out the most challenging of projects, on time and within budget. 
    Micoperi is headquartered in Italy and has branch offices all across the Mediterranean, West Africa and Central America.

    • Jacket & Topside Installation
    • Subsea Structures Installation
    • Rigid Pipelaying
    • SURF
    • Diving Services
    • ROV Services
    • Decommissioning
    • Salvage

    Micoperi has decommissioned and disposed of over 35 offshore platforms in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a proven capability to undertake offshore platforms and subsea structures abandonment, including single lift solutions.
    The Company can carry out a complete decommissioning project, including preparation, separation, removal, transportation and recycling/disposal ashore.
    Rigorous safety and environmental standards are applied in compliance with our integrated QHSE system and with international, regional and national regulatory requirements.
    The removal of offshore platforms and subsea structures is a very crucial task of the decommissioning process and Micoperi enjoys a significant experience in the re-use of the subsea part of obsolete platforms. 
    The “Paguro experience” in 1999-2000 is an example of subsea structures abandonment that had brought a contribute to the productivity of marine ecosystems. It involves converting the platform infrastructure into in situ artificial reefs which support marine life. This avoids the expensive platform removal costs and it brings the ecological benefit of increasing the biodiversity of the area as well as potentially increasing fisheries. Besides it has turned itself into a destination for sport divers, thanks to the exceptional richness of marine life that had found ways to develop around the artificial reef.
    The paramount experience of the wreck removal of the cruise ship “Costa Concordia” and of the associated subsea platforms, anchor blocks, grout bags, debris and sediment present at Giglio Isle – part of the National Park of Tuscan Archipelago, the greatest marine park of Europe – allowed Micoperi to develop further an environmental management approach focused on its continuous monitoring and preservation.