• San Vincenzo School Ravenna


    The Institute, managed by Professor Enrica Giovanetti, provides for an educational path going from the age of 24 months up to the age of 14 years through the Nursery School, the Primary School and the Lower Secondary School. The “San Vincenzo De’ Paoli” Institute is a private school which depends on San Vincenzo Foundation having Monsignor Ugo Salvatori as its president.

    Thanks to the substantial contribution of Micoperi SpA and its Managing Director Silvio Bartolotti, the Institute is today able to provide an advanced and well-structured teaching program, different from the public school’s. The teaching and methodological innovation is realized through a conscious use of information technologies, digital classrooms (interactive multimedia teaching tools), LIM (interactive multimedia board) and tablet, the intensive and continuous study of three languages: English and Spanish languages starting from the age of 2 years with native language teachers, in addition to the Italian mother tongue. The inclusion of the Russian language is also planned over the coming months.

    A special attention is paid to sporting practice, in particular to those disciplines which favor both the team spirit (such as rugby) and the personal growth of individuals (sailing, rock climbing, riding). The training includes Web classes (education to the use of Internet) and Music classes (piano, guitar, transverse flute), always within the ordinary curricular timetable.

    Students’ families bear the cost of ordinary curriculum, while the study of foreign languages, the sports, the Web and Music classes are financed by Micoperi. “I decided to support the San Vincenzo De’ Paoli Institute because I believe that the Italian schooling has to meet the requirements of the modern society and to make itself cherished by students”, Mr. Bartolotti says. “To be loved by students the school should offer a high-quality education, that they can consider as “useful” for their future. For this reason I asked the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Bologna to develop a training project which lasts 12 years, from 5 to 16 years of age, allowing to directly enter the University. I also requested to the councilor of University in the town of Ravenna, deputy major Mr. Gianantonio Mingozzi, that teachers receive a university training (through summer camp and stages organized in Ravenna for both the public and private sectors). In such way, at the age of 21 students will be able to enter the labour market with a remarkable knowledge and expertise, just like the foreign students of the same age, and to easily find qualified jobs in Italy and abroad.

    During the university period, the students will be integrated in some companies within educational and cognitive path in the world of work. This is our challenge”.

    Micoperi and Mr. Bartolotti also aim at the realization of a proper school campus: “San Vincenzo De’ Paoli has to become the school which trains the manager of the future. This is why I hope that Ravenna residents do appreciate the efforts we are putting in this project”.

    (Ravennanotizie, Economia, 16/01/2014)


    Link http://www.scuolasanvincenzoravenna.com/