• Micoperi has always been involved in supporting the local community

    MICOPERI has always been involved in supporting the local community. In Ravenna, it has been committed in two areas: educational and cultural. Its m.d., Silvio Bartolotti, for a few years has sponsored the growth of a private school, recognized as equivalent, San Vincenzo De’ Paoli, by supporting financially an educational course of study that starts at 2 years of age until 14.This project envisages the gradual study of three European languages, Russian, English and Spanish; play sports like horse-riding, sailing, rugby; play musical instruments; learn how to handle safely the modern information  technologies. Silvio Bartolotti likes to repeat that “Our Country should renovate the present schooling system as we need to be competitive again and to do so we need to mould the new future managers. “

    MICOPERI successfully took part in the extraordinary Costa Concordia wreck removal project off Giglio Island and is now in charge of the site remediation project. At Giglio Island, MICOPERI has already financially supported some public works, like the refurbishment of churches and squares. It is also sponsor of a project aiming to revamp the island’s tourism and support its green development.

    In Ortona where, thanks to its growing business, is promoting new job opportunities, it is involved in revamping the local nautical school