Post-Trenching Machine PTM450
    Micoperi owns a Post-Trenching machine for pipeline and cable burial/backfill which is fully adjustable for pipelines from 14” to 60” and assembled with the following:

    • 2 heavy duty powered gear boxes for powering the mills , with the possibility to change the mills to suit various types of sea bed, cable or pipe size or trenching depth. The mills are reversible and can be regulated from 0-50rpm.
    • 2 wheel shaped mills 1.70/1.80 with cutting teeth or blades depending on soil conditions.
    • 2 turbine suction pumps for drawing and discarding the cutting from the mills 5m3/second pump output each.
    • 4 powered wheels for the advancement of the PTM equipped with load cells.
    • 1 buoyancy tank(3 compartment) for adjustment of the PTM weight on pipe.
    • 2 heavy duty hydraulic piston for the movement of milling arms for pitch and depth control.
    • adjustable guide wheels for piggy back pipe/cable protection from the mills.
    • 1 four point inclinometer.
    • odometer.
    • 2 cameras mounted to survey ahead and behind the machine.
    • Control cabin and console
    • HPU
    • Umbilical

    Main Dimensions/Weight: 3.50x6.00x4.00 weight 21 tons