The saturation diving system “Castagna 1” is a complete and containerized diving facility designed to be versatile and adaptable to any kind of vessel.
    The system is designed for 9 saturation divers in operation (up to a maximum of 12 men), equipped with #3 men diving bell.

    Main particulars:
    Owner: SSOS S.r.l.
    Builder SSOS S.r.l.
    Year of Build June 2016
    Temperature Range: -10°C/+45°C
    Maximum Working Pressure: 30,0 bar
    Maximum Working Depth 300 msw
    Maximum number of divers 12 Men
    No. of divers in the Bell: 3
    Classification society: RINA 
    Classification standard: RINA
    Compliant with: IMCA D024

    Main components:
    Main Module c/w Bell and LARS
    Sat/Dive Control Unit
    Living Chamber & Transfer Lock (DDC-1)
    Living Chamber -2 (DDC-2)
    Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber (HRC) and Lanch System (DDC-3)
    HRC Fly Away Package Control Unit
    Main Umbilical Basket
    Machinery Container 1 (LIFE-1)
    Machinery Container 2 (LIFE-2)
    Workshop Container
    Hydraulic Power Pack
    Diver Hot-Water Unit (100% redundancy)

    Supply requirements:
    Electric Power System: 440 v, 60 Hz
    Emergengy Generator: 200-220 kVA
    Compressed Air: 460 l/sec – 27,6 m3/min
    Seawater: 30 m3 /h @ 4bar
    Fresh Water: 6 m3 /h @ 5bar